Heat accumulator tank in stainless steel for TURBO system

The heat accumulator tanks from the MAXI series has shown class-leading operational durability for commercial hot water systems through the last 50 years. MAXI has been constructed with EVERLAST™ high-alloy stainless steel in combination with ULTRAWELD™ technology for optimal corrosion resistance. MAXI series can be modified according to customer requirements.

The heat accumulator tank MAXI — M is ideal for heat accumulation in commercial installations, for instance from other models in the MAXI series (MS/MX/MC/MGC), or directly from an external energy source. MAXI has been optimized for the highly efficient TURBOSYSTEM with plate heat exchanger (optional capacity) and double sets of pumps for extra operational safety. With the TURBOSYSTEM, cold water is pumped from the bottom of the unit through the plate heat exchanger and choke valve and charges the accumulator tank from the top. When consumption is low, the plate heat exchanger can be used directly, and when consumption is high, additional capacity is provided by the MAXI unit. The system provides instant hot water even after the unit has been emptied.Installation kits for cold water inlet with shut-off valve, hot water outlet with mixing valve, plate heat exchanger with pumps (TURBOSYSTEM) and piping for connecting multiple units has been custom-made to fit directly on the MAXI series, with double sealing for an added layer of safety.


•  Accumulator provides optimal working conditions system
• Flexible choice of energy source with TURBOSYSTEM (add-on)
• 10 bar design pressure and class-leading corrosion resistance



MAXI M400 SECTION VIEW SIDE e1612173301699MAXI M600 SECTION VIEW SIDE e1612173383755MAXI M1000 SECTION VIEW SIDE e1612173342536
SpecificationsUNITM 400M 600M 1000
Product no.OSO8001452 8001453 8001454
Product nameM 400M 600M 1000
UsageNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Diameter — ⌀mm595 780 1000
Height - Hmm217519002100
Packagingmm595 × 595 × 2240 800 × 800 × 2000 1020 × 1020 × 2200
Freight volumedm378712
Technical/ErP information
CapacitypersonsNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Capacity 40°CLNot applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Heat-up time ΔT 65°ChoursNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Thermostat set point°CNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Heat loss-EN 12897watt85155175
AEC (energy consumption)kW/yearNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Energy efficiency%Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Tapping profile3XS–XXLNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Energy ratingA+–FCCC


Substantially higher temperature (70°C+), highly efficient mixing valve (no scolding), minimal heat loss and optimal design features gives up to 20 % more hot water and class leading capacity.

The use of NANOPUR™ with insulation values far surpassing Pentane, often in combination with VACUUM panels, ensures minimum heat loss and class leading energy efficiency.

EVERLAST™ titanium alloyed stainless steel in combination with OSO’s unique ULTRAWELD™ system and state-of-the-art passivation process equals class leading corrosion resistance.

EVERLAST™ titanium alloyed, high tensile strength, stainless steel equals lower weight and efficient use of resources. OSO products are more than 40 % lighter than enameled products.

INCOTEC™ el. immersion heaters with ultra high-grade Incoloy 825 stainless, DZR brass, zinc-free soldering and carefully calculated surface loads results in maximum durability in hard water.