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OSO Hotwater Group Announces New Establishment in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick — OSO Hotwater Group, a leading supplier of smart stainless steel hotwater tanks with innovative solutions, announcing the opening of its Canadian operations, OSO Hotwater Inc,  in New Brunswick, Canada. OSO Hotwater Group is responding to the growing demand in Canada for water heating technology for the electric grid optimization, building energy management and consumer benefits designed for a sustainable future” says Roy A Magnussen, CEO of the OSO Hotwater Group. The expansion allows its team to provide excellent local service to its client base across Canada, as well as establishing a strong supply chain to service our customers. A location in New Brunswick, will offer proximity to the innovation cluster of utility companies across the Atlantic Canada.”

“We are excited to open a subsidiary in Canada as a result of our continued growth in the Canadian market. OSO Hotwater Group can establish even closer ties with our customers and is well-positioned to reach new clients and establish a strong local presence ,” said Sigurd Braathen, third generation owner of the OSO Hotwater Group.

OSO Hotwater Group provides proven solutions for smart water heating technology for grid operators, energy management in building assets and the best product life span economy for the consumers in the Canadian market.

About OSO Hotwater Group

OSO Hotwater Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of stainless water heaters and market leader in Norway for 90 years. OSO is a Norwegian-owned family business with high-tech production in Norway, 340 employees and turnover of approx. 1 bill NOK. The company is a pioneer in evironmental work with 50 years of efforts for minimal resource use, high energy efficiency and long product life, in addition to a number of external environmental measures. As one of the world’s first manufacturers of stainless steel boilers, OSO continues to deliver innovations in heating technology and energy management for a greener world.

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Roy André Magnussen, CEO at OSO Hotwater Group,