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Research & Development


A continuous commitment to research and development has been - and still is - the core of OSO’s operations. OSO spends more than 2 % of its yearly turnover on product development – equalling approximately 1 million EURO. A similar amount is spent on production development, choosing the right materials and developing the production equipment.

By continuously searching for new and better solutions for innovation within alternative energy, we ensure the company’s base for existence while also staying ahead of the competitors in low-cost countries. This commitment has ensured partnerships with some of the leading names within the European heat pump and solar heating industry.

Focus areas

The primary focus is finding solutions for alternative energy. Increased energy efficiency when producing hot water or supplying space heating is an important part of reducing energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases. This is especially important when working with low temperature energy sources such as air / ground source heat pumps or solar collectors. Minimizing the difference in temperature between the coolant and the surrounding tap water is crucial to increase the heat transfer (COP for heat pump) to tap water, under floor heating or radiators. This has resulted in product series such as the Ecoline and the Optima. Solar collectors and air / ground source heat pumps are the key growth factors for our products. This development will continue as the ErP directive is implemented in the EU in the years to come.


Customer cooperation

The steadily increasing turnover related to OEM sales contributes to improvement to our own products. Our experience with large, high-tech industrial companies combined with OSO’s knowledge on water heaters gives us an edge over the competition. We cooperate closely with European, Asian and American OEM customers. Efficient decision-making processes and flexibility during the development process are qualities that are appreciated by our customers.


OSO utilizes Lean / Six Sigma as the basis tools for all development. Lean / Six Sigma formalizes the path from strategy to project to result and they are efficient tools to control several parallel projects. The basis of the Six Sigma method is the approach to problems, the ”DMAIC” method. “Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control” enables the company to be in control of the processes.



During the development of new products, durability for the end user is the most important factor. This is why OSO’s products are thoroughly tested throughout the product development process – both the components, materials and the finished products. Life-cycle, corrosion, heat loss, efficiency, mechanical strength and stress tests are an important part of our operation.

To ensure superior operational safety and durability, choice of materials and technology are the key factors when we choose components. Existing and new solutions are continuously tested and developed in OSO’s own technical laboratory.