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Products for boilers

Custom-made, fully insulated OEM products with heating coil connections in top, makes these units the perfect companion for boilers. The units have distinctive design features which are extremely practical in combination with wall-hung boilers. Ease of installation combined with all connections hidden makes the units fit seamlessly together with the boiler in every environment. Based on OSO’s experience through 80 years and with more than 3 million units sold, the OEM boiler units are the perfect match.


The ideal choice in combination with boilers or other high temperature energy sources. The insulated, easily removable top lid hides all connections to the cylinder. The factory fitted mixing valve provides adjustable hot water temperature, non-return and stop valve. Separate T&P valve (Temperature & Pressure relief) is factory fitted. Duplex stainless steel makes the units extremely lightweight and space-efficient for easy handling and installation. Low heat loss is provided by ECO Foam, with impressive key figures for GWP of 1 (Global Warming Potential) and ODP of 1 (Ozone Depletion Potential.) Integrated, adjustable feet, as well as channels for drainpipe and electric connection. Installation time is drastically reduced due to factory fitted components. Our customers’ wall-hung boilers have never looked better.


Key advantages:

  • The ultimate DHW cylinder for boilers up to 25kW
  • Pioneering design features with all connections hidden and insulated
  • Duplex stainless steel for lightweight handling and aggressive environments
  • 10 year warranty on the stainless steel inner cylinder & ECO Foam insulation
Inner Tanks
Heat Pumps