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About OEM

The term ”OEM” (Original Equipment Manufacturing) refers to products or components that are purchased by another company and retailed under the purchasing company's brand name as their own. OSO’s OEM customers represent more than 1/3 of the total turnover is an important part of OSO’s growth strategy.

OSO delivers complete (direct electric or indirectly heated) products or inner tanks with built-in heating coils to some of the leading suppliers of alternative energy sources in the American and European market. Typical applications are boilers, air / ground source heat pumps or solar collectors.


Complete OEM products combines low heat loss, efficient heat transfer through OSO’s own stainless steel heating coils with the well-known OSO quality. OSO’s OEM products complete many of the most well-known air-water heat pump systems for the European market. Among other countries, the products are sold with great success in Russia, France, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden.

The products are customized according to the technical solutions/specifications of the heat pump, such as transfer capacity, sensor positioning / controls, valve options and more. The volumes of the water heaters intended for such systems are typically 200-300 liters with a heat exchanger of 0,8 - 1,8m².


In general, the minimum production volume for an OEM customer is 500 units per year, and 200 units pr. product line.

Inner Tanks