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OSO Accu - 50R/50RE

  - Buffer tanks giving heat pumps optimal working conditions.

The Accu Coil series are buffer tanks suitable for space heating requirements, in addition to the possibility of pre-heating domestic hot water (DHW). The buffer provides heat pump or solar collectors with optimal working conditions, functioning as an energy storage and preventing excessive start-stops for the heat pump, reducing lifetime for the compressor. The Accu series provides consistent space heating temperature while the heat pump is producing domestic hot water (DHW).

The Accu Coil series are delivered with / without electric booster heater of 9-15kW, depending on whether the heat pump has this function integrated or not. Accu 50/100 liter units have double sets of 1” connections for flow and return from the energy source. The 300 liter units have 5/4” connections. There is also one 22 mm. connection in the top of the cylinder for aerating the system and a separate 15 mm. drain connection in the bottom of all Accu Coil units. The Accu Coil units will normally only be used when your local installer recommends it, depending on heat pump supplier and configuration.


The integrated heating coil in the Accu Coil supports pre-heating of DHW, before delivering the DHW to a separate tank with electric booster for raising the temperature up to the desired 65-75°C, to avoid bacterial growth conditions.

Key advantages:

  • Provides heat pumps / solar collectors with optimum working conditions
  • Double sets of flow and return connections for ease of installation
  • With / without electric booster heater depending on heat pump configuration
  • Integrated heating coil supports pre-heating of DHW
Optima Triple Coil - EPTRC
Accu Coil - 50RC/50RCE
Technical Specifications
Quick Facts
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Accu is available in 3 volumes, and 2 different configurations, suitable as buffer store from for example a heat pump. The Accu accumulates the produced heat from the heat source, making it available on demand from the user. It is delivered with or without electric booster, and has with double sets of flow/return connections for easy installation with all heat sources. The choice of unit is usually determined by the installer, depending on the complete system requirements.



Prod. nr. Product description Capacity Hot water - 40°C Hot Water / hour - 40°C Heat-up Time - 15 - 75°C: Heat loss - 24 hours Dia x H mm. Weight
8,011,202 Accu 50 R 50 Buffer - Dimensioning Heat Source - ø430x680 16
8,011,205 Accu 50 R 100 Buffer - Dimensioning Heat Source - ø430x1170 29
8,011,203 Accu 50 R 300 Buffer - Dimensioning Heat Source - ø580x1600 57
8,011,199 Accu 50 RE 50 - 9 kW1/3x230V Buffer - Dimensioning Heat Source - ø430x680 16
8,011,201 Accu 50 RE 100 - 9 kW1/3x230V Buffer - Dimensioning Heat Source - ø430x1170 30
8,011,281 Accu 50 RE 300 - 15 kW1/3x230V Buffer - Dimensioning Heat Source - ø580x1600 68