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OSO Maxi - 17R

  - Large capacity units formarine applications

The Maxi Marine units are manufactured from stainless steel up to 1,000 liters or copper lined steel when up to 5,000 liters. The Maxi Marine units are well known for their reliability around the world and on the seven seas. Customer specified down to the last detail ensures the Maxi Marine units is the perfect fit for whatever hot water needs is required for shipping, offshore, yachts or other marine applications.

Close cooperation and specification in collaboration with the shipyard and specifier is the key to our success on the seven seas. Steam from engines, boilers, cooling etc. can all be utilized to produce hot water on ships and offshore installations. Aggressive water conditions as well as aggressive exterior conditions are being handled by the high-end specification of these units. All details and requirements are being taken into account when manufacturing the Maxi Marine units – one at a time for our customers.


The Maxi Marine units are represented worldwide, and OSO’s market share for marine hot water cylinders is significant. We are proud to deliver hot water to the most demanding customers.

Key advantages:

  • Stainless steel pressure vessel for working pressures up to 10 bar (up to 1.000 liters)
  • Custom made from the bottom up according to our clients’ specifications
  • High-end quality ensures long lasting units with minimum maintenance
Maxi Standard - 17RE
Maxi Turbo - 17R
Technical Specifications
Quick Facts
Choose volume

Maxi is available in 9 volumes. For dimensioning of these units, we recommend that you contact OSO sales office, to ensure correct choice of unit. The table below provides a quick view of technical data. Continiuos hot water production is calculated depending on heat source and plate heat exchanger. We are at your service should you wish to enquire for these units.



Prod. nr. Product description Capacity Hot water - 40°C Hot Water / hour - 40°C  Heat-up Time - 15 - 75°C: Heat loss - 24 hours Dia x H mm. Weight
70,033,200 Maxi 17R 300 Dimensioning 580 l. Dimensioning Heat Source 3,2 kWh ø580x1600 59
70,033,600 Maxi 17R 400 Dimensioning 760 l. Dimensioning Heat Source 4,3 kWh ø580x2085 79
70,034,000 Maxi 17R 600 Dimensioning 1100 l. Dimensioning Heat Source 6,5 kWh ø780x1900 133
70,034,800 Maxi 17R 750 Dimensioning 1445 l. Dimensioning Heat Source 7,7 kWh ø1000x1850 190
70,035,200 Maxi 17R 1000 Dimensioning 1800 l. Dimensioning Heat Source 8,9 kWh ø1000x2100 238
70,125,600 Maxi 17R 1500 Dimensioning 2745 l. Dimensioning Heat Source - ø1200x2150 500
70,126,000 Maxi 17R 2000 Dimensioning 3600 l. Dimensioning Heat Source - ø1300x2200 700
70,126,400 Maxi 17R 3000 Dimensioning 5450 l. Dimensioning Heat Source - ø1500x2450 950
70,126,500 Maxi 17R 5000 Dimensioning 9300 l. Dimensioning Heat Source - ø1800x2950 1,400