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OSO Maxi Eco - 17RTVE

  - Large capacity units for heat pumps

The Maxi Eco units are manufactured from stainless steel up to 1,000 liters. The Maxi Eco is suitable for heat pumps up to 20kW in combination with electric heaters of 15 kW, which can be used as backup and / or booster for increasing the water temperature from the heat pump. All units manufactured to the international standard ISO/DIS 2694 (BS 5500). Maxi Eco units can also be manufactured to individual specification.

The stainless steel heating coil comes standard with a surface of 1,4 – 2,3m². This provides a sufficiently large heat transfer for heat pumps up to 20kW, reducing return temperature and providing the heat pump with optimal working conditions. Double pumps and safety are fully integrated in the installation kits. The cold water inlet set and mixing valve are delivered separately, with dimensions depending on the required flow rate. The installation kits are fitted directly on the cylinders’ front, along with the mandatory safety valve and Pressure & Temperature Relief valve. Units are fully insulated within a protective steel casing.


Key advantages:

  • Stainless steel pressure vessel for working pressures up to 10 bar
  • Cold water inlet set and mixing valve fitted in front
  • Stainless steel heating coil and 15kW electric as standard
Maxi Combi - 17RVE
Maxi Buffer - 17RB
Technical Specifications
Quick Facts
Choose volume

Maxi Eco is available in 3 volumes, and is suitable for heat pumps. The Maxi Eco has electric boosters already installed. For dimensioning of these units, we recommend that you contact OSO sales office, to ensure correct choice of unit. The table below provides a quick view of technical data. We are at your service should you wish to enquire for these units.



Prod. nr. Product description Capacity Hot water - 40°C Hot Water / hour - 40°C Heat-up Time - 15 - 75°C: Heat loss - 24 hours Dia x H mm. Weight - kg
On request Maxi Eco 17RTVE 400 - 15kW/3x230V + coil 1,4m² Dimensioning 580 l. Dimensioning Heat Source 4,3 kWh ø580x2085 85
On request Maxi Eco 17RTVE 600 - 15kW/3x230V + coil 2,3m² Dimensioning 850 l. Dimensioning Heat Source 6,5 kWh ø780x1900 139
On request Maxi Eco 17RTVE 1000 - 15kW/3x230V + coil 2,3m² Dimensioning 1400 l. Dimensioning Heat Source 8,9 kWh ø1000x2100 244