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About OSO


Since the founding of OSO in 1932 as one of the first welding companies in Norway, OSO has been owned by the Braathen family. The founder, Reidar Frölich Braathen, was both a smith and a pilot lieutenant. Through methodical and hard work and a continuous improvement of the products, he had 100 employees before turning 40 years old.

The second generation, Chris Reidar FrölichBraathen, was an environmentalist at heart, and drove the company towards environmentally sustainable methods. Through his 50 years as CEO, OSO has been recognized as one of the leading environmental companies in the Nordic region.

Third generation of the Braathen family is running the business today. Christoffer and Sigurd Braathen has a clear objective: OSO shall continue to be a Norwegian industrial company and maintain its focus on quality and environment.

For 80 years, OSO has led the water heater development in Scandinavia. In 1970, OSO was the first in the world to mass-produce stainless steel water heaters. We are proud that OSO has never had a negative result. Today, OSO has a turnover of approx. 50 million EURO. The activities are divided into three main sectors: Norway, Export and OEM. The export goes primarily towards the UK, Nordic and Russian market.



OSO Hotwater shall be the market leader in the field of developing and manufacturing stainless steel unvented water heaters, heating centrals and pressure vessels of supreme quality. We shall be a fully independent supplier of such products for all energy sources, without preference to specific companies.

The unique experience with the development of our own manufacturing equipment and machinery gives OSO a great competitive advantage. Patents on unique solutions provide cost savings. Continuous automation ensures a competitive price level. Our customers are confident that we stand behind the products and take responsibility beyond the expected.



Over more than 80 years we have built trust – from suppliers, employees and customers. We value our customers;

  • We shall at all times offer what is most profitable for the customer.
  • We shall be flexible and try to meet all customer’s requests.
  • We shall deliver exceptionally good service to our customers.
  • We shall deliver the right product to the right conditions at the right time.
  • We shall earn the trust of our customers and value the opinions of our partners.

Since OSO becameNorway’s first environmentally sustainable company in 1956, environment has been at the core of our values. Among the most important achievements is the establishment of the OSO ECO foundation with 5 million NOK in capital, supporting environmental projects.